User Profile

To open the user profile, click on Settings in the top right corner and choose User Profile on the left side of the window.

In the user profile, users may manage their individual accounts which is independent from possible companies they are connected to.

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The name is shown within Antetype Cloud's user interface in several places, e.g. the sharing dialog or the users list.


Users can upload an image that is shown in the user interface in several places, e.g. the sharing dialog or the users list. If no image is uploaded, a placeholder image is shown instead. When uploading, you may also crop the image.

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Change e-mail address

If you want to change your e-mail address, enter the new one and verify it with the code sent to the new address.

Change password

To change the password, enter the old one once and the new password twice to confirm them.


You can receive notification messages for certain events. In this section, you may activate or deactivate specific notifications.


In this section, you see all the companies connected to you. For companies shown here, you are either

  • a Superadmin
  • a Member
  • or have the same e-mail domain as the superadmin of a company

In addition, you can create your own company. Each account can be Superadmin of one company.


As Superadmin of a company, you can't leave that particular company. If you want to transfer the Superadmin to another member, please sent an e-mail to support@antetype.com.


If you are a member, you can leave the company by clicking the x icon.

Request access

If other companies allow access requests for your e-mail domain, these companies are listed here. You can request access and the admins of the company will receive an e-mail notification to grant access to their company.

Create company

To creaste a company, just enter a name for the company. After that, the new company will show up.

Delete profile

If you delete your profile, the company you're superadmin of, your owned projects and owned prototypes will be deleted if applicable. You have to confirm the deletion with your password.

Updated 11 Jan 2022
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