User Management


Users can be managed in the respective section of the Settings. Here you can invite and delete members, view and delete invitations and view and delete externals.

Inviting users as company members

Click the Invite Users button. In the dialog you may enter or paste multiple e-mail addresses separated by comma.

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In the next step, you can set the privileges. If the users are not yet registered to the Antetype Cloud, "New User" is shown below the e-mail address. In case an account is already set up, the full name and image provided by the user is shown.

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If the users is already a member, it is indicated in the dialog as well.

Setting user type

Within the menu, you can define if the user is a free or full member or admin. For full members and admins, a license is required. See Types of Users for more infirmation.

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In the next step a summary is displayed. If enough unused licenses are available, they can be used directly (The available number of licesnses is shown above the list). If there aren't enough licenses available, more have to be bought via the Billing section first, see Subscription, Licensing and Billing.

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Invitaion e-mail

After submitting the invitation dialog, the invitees receive an e-mail to accept the invitation. The invitiaon link will be valid for 14 days.

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All invites are shown in the inviations list within the settings and can be revoked there.

Editing Users

In the user list, you can change the user type (set role) or remove the users from the company via the ellipsis icon on the right of the entries.

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If you remove members or externals, they will also be removed from all shares in the comapny


Teams are useful for grouping users. When Sharing projects or protoypes, teams allow for distribituing privileges to multiple users within a single action.

To create a new team, click the New Team Button and provide a name.

You can add members to the team with the Edit Members button.

You can also update the team name and change the image.

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Updated 22 Apr 2022
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