Upload and Share Prototypes

In this guide, we will show you how to use the Antetype cloud features.


With your registration, you also get access to the Antetype Cloud that enables you to host and share your prototypes among your company and externals.

Upon registering, an empty project is created by default.

With the free account, you can only have one project and upload one at a time. You can rename it from the menu entry of the "…"-menu on the right side. If you upgrade to a paid subscription you can create more projects, upload multiple prototypes and give other users upload privileges as well.

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In the project overview, you can invite people to the project via the Share button (see below).

Upload Prototypes

Prototypes can be uplaoded directly from the Antetype Mac app. After downloading the app open it app and use your credentials to log in.

Create or open the prototype you want to upload.

To upload, choose Export > Upload to Cloud from the File menu or use the button in the toolbar.

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The upload dialog shows all companies where you have Editor privileges (i.e. you're allowed to upload there).

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In the next step, select all the screens that you want to include in the exported prototype. By default, all screens are selected.

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After successfully uploading your prototype it will appear in the chosen cloud project.

Share your Prototype or Project

To share a project and all conatining prototypes. Click the share button in the top right area of the project in the cloud.

If you just want to share a single prototype, click the menu button on the prototype card and select "Share".

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In the share dialog, you can search and select company members and groups. Simply enter the name or e-mail adress.

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If you want to share with externals (i.e. people that are not company members or still without an Antetype account), enter their e-mail adress. Then press return or click the button to select.

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All selected users are shown in the panel on the right side.

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In the next step, newly added users are displayed at the top; users who are already in the share are displayed at the bottom. You can specify the privileges for each user or group. For each editor, a paid license is required.

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If you just want to share a specific prototype without inviting people, you can create a public link.

To do so, choose the entry from a prototype card's menu.

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In the resulting dialog, activate the public link by changing setting to "can view". You may also add a password and set an expiration date afterwards.

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Now copy the the link via the button and send it to the people that should be able to view the prototype.

Congratulations, you just uploaded and then shared a prototype via Antetype Cloud!

Updated 14 Feb 2022
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