Types of Users

Company Members

A company can have an unlimited number of members. Members can have different roles:

  • Superadmin
  • Admin
  • Editor (Special Case: Owner)
  • Viewer

A paid license is only required for (super-)admins and editors. Viewers may be added for free.

Avatars of company members have a dark blue border.

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Superadmin are the creators of companies. There can only be one superadmin per comapny. They manage the company members and externals, can upgrade or cancel paid plans and change the number of licenses. For security reasons, only superadmins may access the billing page in the settings.


An admin may do anything a superadmin can do, except access the billing page and change details there. Each company can have multiple admins.


An editor can upload prototypes and create projects. When uploading a new prototype or creating a new project, they will automatically become an Owner of the respective element, see below.


  • If an editor is the creator of a new project, they will automatically become the owner of this project.
  • If an editor is the initial uploader of a protoype, they are the owner of that prototype.
  • As an owner, they can share the project and invite other members or externals to the project or prototype.

Avatars of owners have red border.

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Externals can be invited to a project or prototype. Externals can also be given editor privileges. In this case, a paid license is required.

Avatars of externals are light blue.

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Updated 11 Jan 2022
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