Get to know Antetype and how to build realistic prototypes with it. Takes less than 25 minutes overall.

We recommend them to any new user and advice you to watch them in the order provided here.

Make sure to also check the last video on shortcuts to make use of the extremly fast shortcut-workflow in Antetype.

If you're looking for more advanced tutorials, check our collection of how tos to build specific elements.


 Understand Antetype's user interface, its basic concepts and where to find different features

Layout & Styling

 Learn about the different layout options, including the responsive layout that adapts to changes automatically.

 Learn how to style elements and which options are available.


 Antetype widgets let you synchronize content & styling and keep everything up to date without having to change each instance. Learn how to use them.

 Also learn how to set individual properties to customize instances while still syncing the updates on all other properties.

 See how to add states like MouseOver or custom ones to change your widgets appearance and behavior.


 Learn how to create interactions – small and big – in Antetype.

 Understand the Interaction inspector and how to set State, Trigger, Action.

Color Management

 Keep colors consistent across your prototypes by using Antetype color palettes.

 Automatically update all elements that use that particular color (e.g. Primary or headline color)

Popovers & Shortcuts

 Prototype as fast as humanly possible with Antetype's shortcut workflow.

 Learn how to use popovers to change properties directly at the corresponding element.

Congratulation, you now know how to build layouts and prototype in Antetype!

It's now time for you to experiment and create your own designs.

Also feel free to share your thoughts and prototypes in our comunity. We would love to talk to you!

Updated 03 Jun 2022
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