Subscription, Licensing and Billing

The Billing section is located in the Settings of the Antetype Cloud and only available to the Superadmin of the company. The Settings can be accessed via the button in the top right corner when logged in.

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As a gift, free users may use the Cloud with a single project and prototype. Viewing members and external can be added unlimitedly. Paid members may use the Cloud without any restrictions on project and prototypes.

To use Antetype Cloud without restrictions, a subscription is needed. You may start the subscripton directly in the registration process or upgrade through your settings – Upgrade later on (You may choose between monthly (regular pricing) and discounted yearly payment).

When starting a subscription, one or more licenses can be acquired. Additional licences can also be added later.

Each admin and editor will need a license. Licenses can be distributed and withdrawn from admins/users whenever needed.

Users can be part of multiple companies and be invited as axternals. If company members or externals are given editor priviliges in companies, a license is required for each company. If a user has editor privileges in company A and company B, licenses are required in both companies.

Pricing Model

If you select yearly payment, a discount is applied for your support.

Subscriptions will remain active as long as you paid for them and can be used until the end of the period. Subscriptions will auto-renew until the Superadmin cancels it. Already paid fees will not be refunded as you will still have access to Antetype Cloud until the end of the paid period.

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Initial payment setup

Payments are carried out by our provider Paddle. You can choose between monthly or yearly payments. We accept both credit card and PayPal account (additional payment options may be available through your PayPal account if you need them).

When prompted to enter your details, do so to start a subscription and unlock all paid features in Antetype Cloud:

Enter your Country and ZIP Code.

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Choose your payment method.

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You may also enter a coupon code and VAT ID of your company.

When entering th VAT ID, you can also enter a business address. Both steps are optional.

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In the last step, either enter your credit card details and log in into PayPal (which opens in a new tab).

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Invoices are handled by our payment provider Paddle. After the initial payment, you will receive a receipt e-mail with the payment information and a link to the invoice. You may also always access your last invoices through the Billing tab within your company's settings.

The invoice will open in a browser and can be printed here.

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If you haven't already done so, you may enter your company address by clicking on the link "Add address".

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Superadmins have access to the Billing tab in the settings if an active paid subscription exists.

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Here they can add additional licenses and change the subscription settings including the payment method. In addition, recent invoices can be viewed.

Change the subscription

To add or remove licenses or change the payment interval, click the change button in the top right corner of the subscription section. Use the + and - button to change the number of licenses.

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The new price, dates and proration for the rest of the period wil be shown in the next step.

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If licenses are removed, they will remain active until the end of the paid period and cancelled for the upcoming period. Already carried out payments won't be refunded.

Licenses that are being used can't be cancelled. To do so, you have to un-assign licenses from users first (See User Management). You will be able to remove de-assigned licences afterwards in the Billing tab.

Ending the subscription

To end your subscription, click the button in the top right corner. The subscription will remain active until the end of your billing period and you can use it until then without any limits. You may resume the subscripton anytime.

At the end of the subscription period:

  • The paid Superadmin account will be downgraded to a free account
  • All existing projects and prototypes will be removed.
  • All full licenses distributed to company members will be downgraded to free licenses.
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Updated 21 Apr 2022
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