Uploading a prototoype to the Cloud

Prototypes are uploaded to projects in Antetype Cloud via the Antetype macOS app.

With the free account, you may only upload one prototype. Paid members can upload as many prototypes as they like.

To upload, choose Export > Upload to Cloud from the File menu. The upload dialog in shows all companies where you have privileges to upload (Editor privileges).

If you don't see your projects, make sure that you have the correct privileges set in Antetype Cloud. See Sharing for more information.

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In the next step select all the screens that you want to include in the exported prototype. By default, all screens are selected.

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Earlier versions (prototype versioning)

If the prototype already exists in the Cloud, it is indicated on the dialog. A new version of that prototype is uploaded in that case.

Different versions can be accessed via the menu on the Prototype card.

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Upload location

Once the prototype is uploaded, the upload location (i.e. project and name) of that prototype is stored. For the next upload, only the screen selection is shown. If you want to change the location, click the Change button on the dialog. If you choose a new location, a new instance will be created on the Cloud. The original Prototype will still be available in the previous location. It is currently not possible to move a prototype. You may instead upload it again by the process described.

View uploaded prototypes

All Prototypes you have access to are shown in the Cloud. To view them, click on the card of the prototype. To view an older version, you can chosse it from the card's menu.


The toolbar provides functions related to the prototype: On the left, you can navigate through the screens with the arrow buttons or choose a screen via the menu.

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On the right side the following functions are available:

  • Toggle Resize Mode: The screen size is changed to the original size set in the Antetype app and the screen can be resized manually.
  • Toggle Spec Inspector (see bleow)
  • Show Interactive Elements
  • Full Screen (Leave with ESC key)
  • Hide Toolbar (Show again by pressing the T key)
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Spec Inspector

If the spec inspector is activated, you can select all elements on the screen. Guides are shown to see the spaces between selected and hovered elements. In the the inspector all relevant properties are shown. The values can be copied by clicking on them. In addition, CSS can be copied for the selected element.

You can browse through the prototype with the arrow buttons at the top of the inspector.

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