Antetype Cloud is an additional service that enhances Antetype for macOS: You may create and manage companies and share your prototypes with other company members and external users. To upload unlimited prototype and use Antetype Cloud without limits, a subscription is needed. Licences are only required for editing users; unlimited viewing users can be added for free by company admins.


To use Antetype, an account is needed. You can register for free at cloud.antetype.com. After registration you can login to the Antetype app for macOS and the web platform Antetype Cloud. You will have to provide a name and a valid e-mail address that will be verified during the registration process. See Account Registration for detailed instructions on this.

With an Antetype account you can be part of multiple companies or can be invited as an external for shared projects or prototypes of other companies.

Companies and Members

The cloud is organized into companies to which members can be invited. Every user can create its own company and/or be part of a company. The owner of a company is called Superadmin and has all privileges to manage the company. The superadmin can also invite other members to the company. Members can additionally be organized in teams.

A company can have multiple admins and an unlimited number of members. Members can either be viewers or editors. Editors will also be allowed to upload prototypes to the Antetype Cloud. While viewers can be added for free unlimitedly, editors and admins will require a license each.


In addition to company members, externals can be invited to projects or prototypes. Externals can also be given editor privileges.

Projects and Prototypes

A company can have an unlimited number of projects to which prototypes can be uploaded. Prototypes can be uploaded via the macOS app. Projects are created in Antetype Cloud.


Either projects with all contained prototypes or a single prototype can be shared company wide with members, teams or externals.

In addtition to sharing with users, public links can be created that everyone with the link can view a prototype. Publc links can be protected by password and/or an expiration date.

Pricing Model

The Mac app can be used entirely free of charge. No restrictions or water marks will be applied.

To use Antetype Cloud, a subscription is needed. We currently provide everyone with one project and prototype free of charge. Free users may also invite an unlimited number of members to their company.

If you want to create additional projects, upload more than one prototype or want multiple admins or editors in your company, a paid license is required for you as the superadmin and each admin and editor.

Viewers (both members and externals) can be added unlimitedly and free of charge.

If company members or externals are given editor priviliges in companies, a license is required for each company. If a user has editor privileges in company A and company B, licenses are required in both companies. For viewer privileges, no license is required.

Updated 11 Jan 2022
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