What's Antetype and why should I use it?

Is Antetype really free to use?

How does Antetype make money?

What's different to other UI design and prototyping tools?

What's needed to use Antetype? (System Requirements)

Who is reponsible for Antetype? Who is Cotype GmbH?

I need more information! Where can I get them?

How can I contact support or sales or Antetype in general?

Designing with Antetype

How do I learn to use Antetype?

How can I build a particular element (e.g. interactive dropdown)?

How can I share Antetype prototypes?


When is feature / functionality X coming?

When will there be a Windows / Web version of Antetype?

How can we collaborate in Antetype?

I need a feature! How can I tell you?

Billing, account and compliance

What does Antetype cost? Which pricing packages are available?

Will there be an Enterprize edition? (SSO, 2FA, Custom Branding, ...)

How do I cancel an Antetype subscription?

Where do I find my invoices?

Is Antetype GDPR-compliant and safe to use?

Who can I contact if something went wrong or if I need additional information?

Updated 02 Jun 2022
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