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What's Antetype and why should I use it?

Antetype is a UX prototyping tool made especially for complex projects and avanced designers. Its main strengths are features for professional prototypes and settings, including:

  • Responsive layouts that make your prototype truly adapt to new content or device sizes
  • Automatically syncing changes to elements of the same type to safe your time while designing
  • Building prototype that are as interactive as you need them fast. And every interaction can be build on that single screen it really happens on; no need to duplicate and connect 100 artboards with only small differences.
  • Additionally, because Antetype uses open web standards, you can literally build anything you can build online and may access all of the web's resources for help (you may even include dynamic graphs or 3D models in your prototypes!)

And that's just the FAQ answer. There are many more features that really help designers to create awesome interfaces.

Kurzgesagt: Antetype enables you to build even complex prototypes easily. Both static and highly interactive. All prototyping done in a single app. The only limit is your imagination: Check our website for more details and examples.

Is Antetype really free to use?

Yes, you may prototype in Antetype for free. There are no restrictions, watermarks or anything like it. You may download it for free for within your user account's settings.

How does Antetype make money?

While you can use Antetype entirely for free, we also offer paid plans. Those include features for e.g. automatic hosting and sharing.

In general, free features include everything you need to create great prototypes without limits. Our paid features then make things even easier so you don't waste creative energy on organization that can be automated. Feel free to check the paid packages. They're really affordable!

What's different to other UI design and prototyping tools?

We believe designs usually can't convice stakeholders with static screens that don't feel like the final product. Because of that, you can build highly-interactive prototypes with as many or as few interactions as you need. All done in Antetype. Anything you need can be build and customized as we rely on open web standards. No longer is a tool's set of function your limit – only your own imagination is.

We also believe in making the process of designing easier: Some tools force you to use hundreds of artboards with only minor differences (like an pop-up that just opened). Then connect those 100 artboards to create an interaction. That is a lot of work and clutter. It can be avoided. With Antetype, you design your basic interface as a single artboard. Then add interactions to any element and react to user input dynamically. Show, hide, animate, change, adjust, react any way you like. But keep it tidy and all within the same artboard.

Additionally, Antetype streamlines your Designer-to-Stakeholder and Designer-to-Developer workflow: Instantly upload and share prototypes with anyone to get feedback or implement it. Developers automatically get all the necessary info like color, fonts, sizes or layout configuration – without constantly asking the designer for details.

Kurzgesagt, Antetype lets you design even complex projects faster and without clutter: Responsive layouts automatically adapt to new elements. Widgets synchronize changes you made to every instance without manual labor. Your prototype can be as interactive as you want it to be. Many more cool things that help you design faster and better can be seen on our website.

What's needed to use Antetype? (System Requirements)

To create your own prototypes and user interfaces, you need an computer running macOS 11 (Big Sur) or higher. You may download the macOS app from within your user account's settings.

Antetype also comes with an native iOS application to directly view your prototypes on mobile devices. This app can also be downloaded from within your settings.

To use Antetype Cloud, you only need a browser with an active internet connections. You might register here for free. Your exported prototypes run on any device with a browser: Your phone, tablet, computer or even your smart fridge :-)

Who is reponsible for Antetype? Who is Cotype GmbH?

Antetype is being developed by Germany-based Cotype GmbH. We're a team working remotely to create tools that help designers worldwide. To learn more about how we think and feel, check our company page. Feel free to say hello!

I need more information! Where can I get them?

If you want to learn about Antetype in general, check out our websites with features and examples.

If you're using Antetype already and looking for help, please refer to

You may also contact us via email to support@anteype.com.

How can I contact support or sales or Antetype in general?

Simply send an email to support@antetype.com or sales@antetype.com.

If you prefer to chat directly, go to our website. If you've enabled cookies, you'll see a chat window on the bottom right.

Designing with Antetype

How do I learn to use Antetype?

We recommend you start by watching our introductory tutorial series. It takes less than 25 minutes and helps you with the basics. Then start experimenting by yourself.

To get into the faster Antetype workflow, you might also take a look at the how to section. We'll design common elements like an interactive dropdown together. You'll learn more in-depth details there.

If you're having more advanced questions, feel free to ask the Antetype community (and become part of it yourself!)

How can I build a particular element (e.g. interactive dropdown)?

Go to our documentation: Either check our how to section or the general user manual.

We provide you with step-by-step instruction on how to build elements like interactive dropdowns, tab bars, tables and more. You'll probably be able to design anything yourself after doing those! :-)

If you're having trouble building anything else, feel free to ask the Antetype community (and become part of it yourself!).

How can I share Antetype prototypes?

You can either share it manually yourself or upload it to Antetype Cloud directly from within the macOS application.

a) Export your prototype ("web viewer") or static screens manually

From within the macOS app, go to Files - Export. Either export it to static pictures (⌘ + E) or as interactive web viewer (⌥ + ⌘ + E). You may send, upload or share the generated files as you like and implement.

b) Share via Antetype Cloud

For more convenient sharing, directly upload prototypes to Antetype Cloud: Go to File - Export - Upload to Cloud.

You'll then be guided through the process of uploading your prototype.

You may then invite users to your prototypes or projects or create public links (which can be set to expire and/or be protected by password).


When is feature / functionality X coming?

Gernerally, major updates will be released usually once every few months. Minor features and bug fixes can be released more often.

There's a good chance your feature will be released in one of those updates. We'll inform you about new features by email, if you subscribe to our product news by registering.

And while we have a priorized roadmap, you may make your vote count by telling us about the features you desperately need. Please let us know with either a quick mail to support@antetype.com or a post in the Antetype community.

When will there be a Windows / Web version of Antetype?

To provide the best possible prototyping experience, Antetype is built as a native macOS application. All exported prototypes work on Windows, the web and even offline devices.

If you would like to use Antetype on Windows or other systems, please let us know with an email. We'll count your vote and let you know when it's available.

How can we collaborate in Antetype?

Antetype's widget system makes it easy for you to create consistent design across different projects and files. Simply merge and update changes and they will be adopted to all instances.

For further collaboration, Antetype Cloud offers features for you to invite and work with others on common projects. Details on those paid Cloud plans can be viewed on our Pricing page.

And good news: There's more to come in the future! You'll be informed if you subscribe to our product news by registering.

I need a feature! How can I tell you?

We love cool ideas! Please let us know with either a quick mail to support@antetype.com or a post in the Antetype community.

Billing, account and compliance

What does Antetype cost? Which pricing packages are available?

Antetype can be used entirely free and without restrictions. Simply download it from within your account settings.

If you want us to take care of your hosting and need additional pro features, you may upgrade to paid plans any time. Please refer to our Pricing page for details. Upgrages can be done directly from within your account settings.

Will there be an Enterprize edition? (SSO, 2FA, Custom Branding, ...)

Yes, there will be soon. Please contact sales@antetype.com with anything you need and we'll work it out.

How do I cancel an Antetype subscription?

You may cancel your subscription any time. To do so, select the company and go to your account settings You'll find a "end subscription" button there.

Where do I find my invoices?

Select the appropriate company, go to account settings, then Billing. You'll find all recent invoices on the right side and may download it there.

If you need any help, contact support@antetype.com.

Is Antetype GDPR-compliant and safe to use?

Yes, Antetype complies to European data protection laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To furthermore ensure safety and security of data, we enforce different security, backup and emergency policies.

Our data centers are certified by internal standards including ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27701, ISO 27018 and C5 of the German Federal Agency for Security in Information Technology.

As a German company, we are generally required by law to fulfill strict privacy and data protection laws. Details on how we securely handle data can be checked in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

We can additionally provide you with our technical and organizational measures (TOMs) and a supplemental Data Processing Addendum (DPA) if needed by your organization.

Who can I contact if something went wrong or if I need additional information?

Just send us a quick email to support@antetype.com or use our real-time chat on our website. We'll reply as soon as possible!