Company Profile

Superadmins have access to the company profile page:

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Here you can change the company name and upload or update the company's logo.

Access for e-mail domains

In the Access section, you can specify which e-mail addresses can request access to your company. This is useful if your comany has several e-mail domains, e.g. bricapp.cloud and bricapp.io.

Deleting the company

Only Superadmins can delete the company. The company will be deleted immediately together with all data related to the company. This includes

  • All projects and prototypes
  • Company hierarchy information about users and teams

All user accounts will remain active and can be used on their own or within other companies. User accounts have to be deleted by the account holder.


Be aware: If there is an active paid subscription, the current payment will not be refunded. We recommend cancelling the subscription first. This way you will be able use Antetype Cloud until the end of the already paid period. The company can then be safely deleted after the subscription has ended.

Updated 20 Apr 2022
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