April 22, 2022

New Cloud upload options

You may now decide what to show when you open a prototype: Do you want users to see the toolbar? The spec inspector? You choose. Of course you can also toggle if you want your prototype to resize to fit the window or not. Plus: Set the starting screen that shows first when you open up the prototype.

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New toolbar for uploaded prototypes

Antetype Cloud's toolbar is now sleeker and optimized for mobile devices. Even better: You may now manage and share your prototypes directly from the toolbar.

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You may also check the file history, what leads us to ...

Prototype versioning & update messages

Easily tell others what changed in the latest version: Give them a quick upload message so they understand what to look for. That also means you can now check and compare a prototype's evolution: See the history, open up previous versions. All done with the new toolbar.

Performance and more

Besides 25 small fixes and improvements, we Improved the performance of opening large files, editing text and uploading to Cloud.

Updated 22 Apr 2022
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